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Positive Mindful Pregnancy

From Conception to Birthing & Beyond

Helping soon-to-be parents use parenthood as a springboard into the best possible life for themselves and their soon-to-be infant.

Bringing positive emotions into your pregnancy through Gratitude. thumbnail

Gratitude is not only a strength of character, but it also has the benefit of increasing positive emotions. Research shows that when we  grow our experiences of gratitude with simple shows of appreciation at least once a week, we feel happier. When we increase our positive to negative emotion ratio, we enhance our openness to new [...]

Pregnant Mothers: 10 benefits of Positive Mindfulness on Pregnancy & Birthing thumbnail

Positive Mindfulness is a new approach to mindfulness which combines traditional mindfulness training with positive psychology. It is a programme first devised by Dr Itai Ivtzan which not only reduces anxiety, stress and depression but also increases happiness, positive emotions & wellbeing. This approach has many benefits for the pregnant, soon-to-be mother. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness [...]

Do you want to have a baby? 7 Things we can learn from Bridget Jones. thumbnail

What is there not to love about a new Bridget Jones Movie?  Being a similar age, though I have never lived in London, I can certainly identify with Bridget Jones. Although I was never a fan of Mark Darcy or Daniel Cleaver, I am happy about the inclusion of McDreamy in the new Bridget Jones [...]

Pregnant woman: depression during pregnancy is a very real and common experience. You are not alone. thumbnail

5-11 Sept 2016 is the first ever Perinatal depression awareness week; by bringing awareness to perinatal depression it moves beyond solely increasing awareness of Postnatal depression to also increasing people’s recognition and understanding of prenatal depression which is experienced by 15-20% of pregnant woman. There is an assumption that when a pregnancy is announced that [...]

How to make a strong parent-child bond early for the benefit of you both. thumbnail

As soon-to-be-parents we have all heard about the importance of the bond between a child and their primary caregiver, and bonding has almost become a buzz word in parenting circles. Do you find yourself thinking: How and when do I establish a parent-child bond? I am not feeling a connection with my bump, is there something [...]


“Infant Joy” by William Blake

“Infant Joy” by William Blake thumbnail

In this weeks Koan I bring you a poem by one of my favourite poets William Blake, about the joys of a new baby and naming them. Infant Joy “I have no name; I am but two days old.” What shall I call thee? “I happy am, Joy is my name.” Sweet joy befall thee! [...]


What is hypnobirthing?

What is hypnobirthing? thumbnail

Hypnobirthing is fast becoming the generic term for natural childbirth.  However it is a specific approach to child birth. Hypnobirthing is based on the work of an English physician, Dr Grantly Dick-Read, whose philosophies and principles formed  the foundations of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). The approach incorporates the use of: Information about the natural [...]


How to set a positive birthing intentions.

How to set a positive birthing intentions. thumbnail

Setting a positive birthing intention, focuses your attention on the intention of a positive natural child birth. Begin by eliminating the possibility of setting a negative birthing intention. Our current cultural systems are biased towards negative birthing intentions. By setting positive birthing intentions you allow yourself and your mind to see how this will be accomplished.  Without positive [...]

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Pregnant woman: 3 quick ways to avoid setting a negative Birthing intention. thumbnail

A major step in working towards facilitating a positive natural birth is to remove negative birthing images from your conciousness. Allowing you to lay the foundations for positive birthing intentions. 1, Don’t listen to other peoples birthing stories – unless you know they had a positive natural birthing experience.  You can gain insight into how they accomplished [...]

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The use of Mindfulness in pregnancy- for inner awareness and stress relief. thumbnail

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose in a non judgemental way (Kabat-Zinn, 1991) it is a state of being attentive and aware in the present moment (Brown & Ryan, 2003).   The word mindfulness is closely associated with a meditation technique within Buddhism however within personal development it is a state which can be cultivated through practice. [...]