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Pregnant woman: 3 quick ways to avoid setting a negative Birthing intention.

A major step in working towards facilitating a positive natural birth is to remove negative birthing images from your conciousness. Allowing you to lay the foundations for positive birthing intentions.Setting positive pregnancy affirmations

1, Don’t listen to other peoples birthing stories – unless you know they had a positive natural birthing experience.  You can gain insight into how they accomplished it in order to use it as inspiration for applying it for yourself.   Talk to those who had similar feelings about pregnancy and birth that you have currently.  If you hear about how a person who was already a meditator facilitated their positive birth but you do not meditate yourself, you may not be able to relate to the experience.

2 Be mindful not to watch too many births on TV.  Either documentaries or on films.  All births are different and since you are not able to filter them for positive experiences it is better to avoid them entirely and educate yourself in how your body and the baby are designed for giving birth.

3 Don’t focus on pain – Filter the books you choose to read.  Birthing books which focus on the  medicalisation of birthing focus on medical interventions designed to remove pain.  Hypnobirthing avoids any discussion of pain or contractions, referring to them as surges.

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