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How to make a strong parent-child bond early for the benefit of you both.

As soon-to-be-parents we have all heard about the importance of the bond between a child and their primary making a parent child bondcaregiver, and bonding has almost become a buzz word in parenting circles.

Do you find yourself thinking:

  • How and when do I establish a parent-child bond?
  • I am not feeling a connection with my bump, is there something wrong?
  • I didn’t feel an overwhelming sense of love at the birth of my child does that mean I have no bond with them?

While I was pregnant I didn’t feel a connection with my bump, I mostly felt overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and worried if I would be up to this mammoth task. Although the moments when I mindfully practised my Hypno-birth breathing techniques really did bring me the closest to that feeling of a bond, the rest of the time modern living took over most of my waking hours.  Then again when I gave birth to my baby, even though I managed to do it using mindful Hypno-birth breathing techniques,  it was still more of a huge sense of responsibility I felt, rather than instant love.

The activities you will most likely be doing in the first 3 months are not necessarily particularly conducive to making that strong bond. You will be likely focused on finding some kind of normalcy is more about establishing a family routine that works for everyone. And mothers tend to be left needing to multi-task leaving them even more frazzled.  My real breakthrough came while completing a portfolio of activities for my master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology when I learnt to bring mindfulness into my everyday activities and experienced the huge difference it made.

What I have realised is, that though Science tells us that the strength of a child’s connection with their primary caregiver is imperative to their well-being, little information is offered about how to establish and cultivate that bond in our modern everyday lives.  And as I experienced, Lack of sleep, the challenges of early parenting, pressures of work & family combined with modern life, in general, has a serious effect on this connection.

By offering programmes and workshops designed to increase positively Mindful pregnancy I seek to assist soon-to-be-parents to be able to establish this bond early and maintain it through the first year of their child’s life when this connection is established and most important.

To learn more about how being Positively Mindful during your pregnancy can make a difference to your pregnancy, birth and parenting experience, join my free 20-minute introductory workshop online on 30th July or 13th August at 10am.  If you can’t manage the workshop online please still subscribe as you will be sent the recording.

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