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My Positive Mindful Pregnancy & Birthing Vision

The world has become a place of medicated births we have become disconnected from our bodies and our natural instincts.  Everybody has a voice about what we should be doing for our child in pregnancy and never fails to express it and the advertising directed at us as parents by the time we give birth is at a fever pitch.

How at 43 I discovered that birthing doesn’t have to be painful.

I spent all my life being scared of the idea of giving birth.  Although I always had a strong mothering nature and often thought about the joys of being a parent, popular culture made me believe that it was a scary and painful event.  But when I started to do research about birth and birthing methods I discovered the hidden truth about the natural process of our bodies during birthing. over the years I have learnt a lot about meditation and visualisation which I used in conjunction with hypnobirthing breathing techniques.

Birthing in pool at 43

Birthing pool at 43

So I prepared, practised and trained myself to facilitate a birth which was a spiritually transformative experience.   My pregnancy and birth were not a straightforward or low risk, at 44 as a mature mother I was required to give birth in the hospital, with only a lottery chance of birthing in a birth pool.  My birth took 29 hours, and the surges (contractions) were as intense at the beginning as they were at the end.  My son’s position was right, but he had his hand up by his face and was delivered still within the amniotic sac which the midwife broke as he was born.

My vision of the future:

To live in a world where a positive natural childbirth is the norm and parents are empowered to use their positive parenting instincts.

My mission

Facilitating you to have your best possible birth using meditation, relaxation, visualisation and birthing breathing.

Connecting your mind, body and child, to understand you and your baby at your best, and your natural resources.

Empower you as a soon-to-be parent to take control of your birth and enter parenting with confidence.

My research

My master’s thesis is exploring the benefits of a Positive Mindfulness programme for pregnancy, birthing and parenting confidence beyond.