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Positive Mindful Pregnancy

From Conception to Birthing & Beyond

Helping soon-to-be parents use parenthood as a springboard into the best possible life for themselves and their soon-to-be infant.

Pregnancy Affirmations

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An affirmation script for early pregnancy Being pregnant brings me great joy. I can feel you my dearest baby, deep within me, I feel you. With each new day, I feel closer to you. I am happy, healthy and relaxed. I lovingly accept my changing body. I have lots of support around me. I nourish [...]

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Dealing with fear of childbirth

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For my entire life, I felt fear towards childbirth.  I have always been scared by the idea of the pain of childbirth, to the point that I delayed even contemplating having a child.  On top of my fear of childbirth I was Convinced my body would be ruined, not that I particularly had a body [...]