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Positively Mindful Pregnancy

Mindfulness based wellbeing Pregnancy birthing & beyond

Are you pregnant and in your first or second trimester?

You may also at some points during your pregnancy also be feeling:

  • Anxious or worried about the upcoming birth.
  • Finding the idea of childbirth threatening.
  • Unsure if you will be able to cope with childbirth.
  • Finding all the information about potential medical treatments in pregnancy and birthing books overwhelming and worrying and difficult to reflect on.
  • Anxious, stressed or worried about becoming a parent.
  • Unsure if you have what it takes to become a parent.
  • Find everyone has an opinion about what you should be doing.
  • Finding the advertising directed at you overwhelming.
  • You may also be feeling depressed at times.

Are you looking to?

  • Reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy.
  • Learn skills and resources to draw on during pregnancy, birthing and beyond.
  • Change how you view childbirth from a threat to a challenge you can overcome.
  • Reduce stress for the health of yourself and your baby.
  • Reduce your chances of developing depression during pregnancy and post-partum.
  • To learn relaxation and visualisation techniques to use for natural pain relief in childbirth.
  • Would you like to learn the meditation, visualisation and relaxation skills useful for pregnancy, childbirth & beyond?
  • Change your voice of self-doubt, to a personal cheering squad that knows you can have your best birth.
  • To find your parenting way without needing to submit to external pressure.
  • Increase your well-being.
  • A Mindfulness-based well-being programme for pregnancy

N.B. If you are experiencing the symptoms of major depression or any other mental health issues, it is important to seek medical or therapeutic assistance before undertaking this mindfulness-based meditation programme.

What is involved in a Positive Mindfulness-based well-being programme?

During each week’s session, we will focus on a particular area of well-being we will learn a new meditation and undertake some exercises, below you will see the theme for each week.

Foundation of Positive Mindfulness for wellbeing

Week one – Introduction to Meditation, visualisation, mindfulness and positive psychology with a focus on self-awareness of the breath, body, thoughts and emotions.

Week two – Introduction to the benefits of positive emotions to wellbeing and ways to increase positive emotions in your everyday life.

Week three – We move onto our positive character strengths and what resources we use and can use to sustain our well-being and increase our resilience during difficult and trying times such as the birth and early parenting.

Week four – to maintain the capacity to love your partner and the new life growing inside you, it is important first, to begin with, self-compassion. If you manage this during your pregnancy, you will be ahead of the game for your birth and into early parenting. As they say on planes “put on your oxygen mask first before helping others”.

Advanced Positive Mindfulness for flourishing well-being

Week five –  These days we have high-pressure lives, and there is much evidence in the importance of authenticity to wellbeing.  This week focuses on autonomy and living life according to your positive self-image.

Week six – Meaning is critical to happiness and well-being.  When our life has meaning and purpose, we have a focus and value for our activities.  This week we will be setting our positive pregnancy, birthing and parenting intentions.

Week seven – Positive relationships and social support is potentially the most important factor in parenting well-being. This week we will be discussing oxytocin and focus on the loving kindness meditation and strengths important in pregnancy, birthing & parenting of love and forgiveness.

Week eight –  Engagement involves absorption in an activity or task. This week we will be exploring savouring and mindful eating.  We will also be bringing it all together and focusing on bringing mindfulness into everyday life.

Final call – Our final call at the end of the eights weeks will be a review of our development and an invitation to continue practising beyond your pregnancy and birth into parenting.

How does it differ from other approaches to birthing & parenting preparation:

Most pregnancy, birthing & parenting programmes such as antenatal classes and NCT classes are educational and designed to teach you about everything that could go wrong during pregnancy and childbirth or what someone else thinks is the best way to approach parenting.  They ignore the individual differences of each child and parent removing parenting instinct. Very little time in these courses is devoted to cultivating one’s personal instinct and relaxation and natural pain relieving techniques.

Other mindfulness programmes are designed around stress reduction and focus on current ill health or dysfunctions.  Even the current mindful birthing & parenting programmes are based on the stress reduction programme.  They are not focused on increasing well-being but rather removing ill health or dysfunctions.

This is a holistic approach to the pregnancy, birthing & parenting experience designed to increase your understanding of your mind-body connection to allow you to facilitate your pain management as well as developing your confidence and courage to work with your intuition, to do what is needed in the moment during your pregnancy, birth & beyond.

What is my time commitment for the Positive mindfulness-based well-being programme for pregnancy:

The weekly sessions last for 90 minutes

Between sessions, you will be invited to practice the meditation for the week daily, which is approximately 10-20 mins and complete some tasks designed to improve your well-being which will also be around 10-20 mins daily.

How does an online Positive mindfulness-based well-being programme for pregnancy work?

This is an global online group (maximum 8-10 persons) drawn together by the power of online conferencing, with a common goal to learn to be positively mindful in their life.  This allows you the benefit of a group without the hassle and time required to join one in person.

What you will need:

  1. A positive motivation and intention to practice approximately 20 mins daily for eight weeks as well as completing extra personal development activities.
  2. A computer and headset.
  3. A webcam is useful but not essential.
  4. Ability to download software to the desktop.
  5. A good broadband internet connection.
  6. A quiet space to attend online sessions and practice.
  7. Paper and coloured pens and pencils.

Who will be conducting this programme?

My name is Candice Sunney I have a BSc in Applied Psychology and a PGDip in Applied Positive Psychology and a qualified Meditation teacher. I am a Graduate member of the British Psychological Society and a member of the Association for Coaching.Candice Sunney

Find out more about my positive Mindful Birthing vision.

If you have any questions about this course, please email me.

When is it?

If you are interested in joining a group the next Introduction to Positive mindfulness beginnings 8th July 11am-1pm add yourself to the waiting list:

How much does it cost?

Each module cost £75 and is booked separately.

£125 for the full 8-week course.

What happens after the course?

When you complete the course, I have an add-on course which can be taken free as self-guided modules or as a facilitated version at a reduced rate for those seeking to facilitate a positively mindful natural birth.

Positive Mindfulness for birthing

Covering breathing techniques and metaphors for birthing at your best and setting your birthing intentions.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the 1st module introduction to Positive Mindfulness

Places are limited you can save your place by paying a £50 deposit now.

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Make your final payment:
The final payment of £25 will be due 7 days before the course begins. [wpecpp name=”Final payment Positively Mindful Pregnancy ” price=”25.00″ align=”center”]

Module 2 Advanced Positive Mindfulness for flourishing well-being 

Dates to be decided.

Pay for the full 8 weeks and get 10% discount Final payment £62.50

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If this date is not suitable enter your email below to receive future dates.