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Pregnant woman: depression during pregnancy is a very real and common experience. You are not alone.

5-11 Sept 2016 is the first ever Perinatal depression awareness week; by bringing awareness to perinatal depression it moves beyond solely increasing awareness of Postnatal depression to also increasing people’s recognition and understanding of prenatal depression which is experienced by 15-20% of pregnant woman.

There is an assumption that when a pregnancy is announced that great joy and happiness automatically follows, which makes depression during pregnancy a taboo subject.  Or it may just be assumed to be the effect of hormonal changes in pregnancy.

It is important that we offer pregnant women space to allow them to recognise, understand and seek assistance when they do experience depression during pregnancy.

If you are pregnant, or a new mother or know anyone who is that is experiencing depression; please request the assistance you need.

Useful sources of support are:

Your Midwife or health visitor

Your local UK Surestart Children’s Centre

Your GP

PANDAS Foundation – Pre and post natal depression advice and support.

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